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Giant Robot Comedy Night Thurs Dec 7th

Comedy hits the Streets of Sawtelle every first Thursday! Free show withDebra DiGiovanni, Kevin Camia, Allen Strickland Williams, Karl Hess, Julia Prescott, Papp Johnsonand your regulars Jesse Elias, Jessica Sele, and George Chen  

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Giant Robot Comedy Night #1

Giant Robot Comedy Night 1 with Raj Desai, Erik Charles Nielsen (Community, Conan), George Chen (the Host), Laurie Kilmartin (Conan, Last Comic Standing, Jackie and Laurie Show), Jessica Sele (Flophouse), Jesse Elias (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Love), Brodie Reed. Awesome. We will definitely schedule another quite soon. Thanks to George Chen for organizing the event. Here's the link to a few more pics Here's a Facebook Live video of the event. 

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