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Lee Byung-hun Back in GI Joe Sequel

He’s back. So is the movie that didn’t fare so well. The film, Gi Joe: the Retaliation will be happening soon also starring The Rock and Bruce Willis. Here’s an interesting quote since it’s about the language barrier and how things go when one part goes wrong. “”But I’d just forget every line – literally every single line – when I was told that I’d pronounced one word wrong while acting. Having to think that I somehow have to fix my pronunciation for that one word would just make me totally lost at the set. There’s a huge difference between making conversation in a foreign language and acting in a foreign language. I feel the most comfortable when I perform...

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Sparkplug Comics Fundraiser

Dylan Williams started Sparkplug comics. It’s always been quite indie. He passed away and the company is still going. The three books he was working on when he died are still not complete. The fundraiser will help. I’m not posting each Kickstarter or Indiegogo project that comes my way. I get alerted to 5 a week. Each has their merits, well, almost. Some have very little. I’m only posting the rare ones that I have a personal attachment with. I can’t help everyone, but I can help the ones I most want to help. I’ve written about him in the past here at GR. (Dylan Williams)

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Adrian Tomine Talks 12th Installment of Optic Nerve

Adrian Tomine talks about his comic, Optic Nerve #12. The latest installment. He talks about the changes in his own life and the changes in his new stories. Some thing you can’t run away from even when he tries to make things different. Tomine mentions that his stories might be him spread throughout the characters and not just the one who looks like him. He talks a bit about Shortcomings and also the new characters. (Optic Nerve 12) (scpr – Tomine)  

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