Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

San Diego Comic Con Day 2 brought a few more photos. The Conan art show? I guess it’s called: COCO-MoCA Presents: The Fine Art of The Flaming C Fan-Art Exhibit. It’s fan art, but don’t believe it since if wasn’t fan art, there wouldn’t be tons of security guards. The coolest thing is the LEGO statue! More Coco art below in the photo set.

C.S. Lee, signed was on a panel and more for Dexter. He snuck up with a mask on. Yes, he’s popular at Comic Con. I’ve told people, that the folks wearing masks are often stars who are just checking stuff out. His t shirt is a cryptic message. Read it in Korean. Michael Choo.

See more Conan art, friends, artists like James Kochalka, Skinner, Aaron Horkey, Dave Stolte, Miso, Jeffrey Brown, Gene Luen Yang, Carlos Ramos and more below:

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