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Concentration Camp Letters Found in a Wall

Why were they there is the question. Who were they hiding them from? Internees were allowed to write letters and they ordered products from outside companies. The folks who owned this pharmacy in Colorado must have been afraid of something. Did they ship the orders? Was it possibly fear of being in collusion with the internees? (Huffpo – WWII)

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Victim Forced to Say “I Love America” and Another Assaulted

It’s not safe to be in Boulder, Colorado on some nights for Asian Americans. First according to the Denver Post, ” One of the men — described as being a blond white male about 19 or 20 — said, “Do you think you are an American?” called him a “Chinaman,” punched him in the face “multiple times” and told him to say that he loved America, police said.”  Then unrelated was a sexual assault on an Asian American woman. Two attacks, one bad night. The illustration below is of the racial assault assailant who looks like a freak. Definitely the wrong way to start off the New Year, Boulder… (Denver Post – Attacks)

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