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Concentration Camp Letters Found in a Wall

Why were they there is the question. Who were they hiding them from? Internees were allowed to write letters and they ordered products from outside companies. The folks who owned this pharmacy in Colorado must have been afraid of something. Did they ship the orders? Was it possibly fear of being in collusion with the internees? (Huffpo – WWII)

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Jimmy Mirikitani Subject of “Cats of Mirikitani” 1920-2012

Jimmy Mirikitani, the subject of Linda Hattendorf’s great documentary, “Cats of Mirikitani” has passed away. The documentary brought to light numerous issues, from homelessness, mental health, Concentration Camps and 9/11. All of which affected the artist. Watch the doc if you get a chance. It’s worth seeing. (Nikkeiview – Mirikitani) [youtube]PtNM-6FqtCM[/youtube]

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Concentration Camp Photos in Color

It’s rare to see photos of Japanese Americans in Concentration Camps in color. It’s an eye opener and you get a different sense of life when you see it in color. Photos by Bill Manbo in color collected in a single book, Colors of Confinement: Rare Kodachrome Photographs of Japanese American Incarceration in World War II. 

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