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China Taxi Driving

  Some drivers in China… Riding a Taxi in Chian can be hazardous, but so is walking. This driver does some risky driving but gets away with it. It’s amazing that some people say, “no it’s not like this”… but then video like this appears and I’m sure he does it all day long.     Also the last video is one I shot, actor/director Daniel Wu does some translating about the reversing in traffic on a freeway. Yes, this happens. [youtube]yBZXfvqu-Tc[/youtube]

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Drive Like Wong

With a face like his, he could be any of our relatives. Yet, he’s a hot up and coming racer who isn’t just in one league of racing. He’s got from F1 to NASCAR and is currently just one level from the household names. It helps that is dad is the team owner. (Daily Pilot – Brian Wong)

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One Night in Bangkok – Refn and Gosling Team Up Post Drive

The next Ryan Gosling vehicle (no pun intended), will be by the same director, the now popular Nicolas Winding Refn will take place in Thailand. In “Only God Forgives” A Thai ex-cop and Gosling will come head to head in the streets of Bangkok. Shooting is to happen mostly at night. (Bangkok Post – Refn) It looks like God Only Forgives is going to made before the Logan’s Run remake that’s also to star Gosling, along with mentions of a romantic comedy set in New York that’s also yet another Gosling adventure.  

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