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The Golden Child

I don’t know what Eddie Murphy has been up to lately, but he totally should have been on this case and figuring out what the deal was with these babies before they got roasted and covered in gold leaf. This guy is the one who got caught. He’s a British citizen born in Taiwan who is  involved in a cooked magic fetus corpse smuggling ring.  Police got a tip about some bizarro online shopping and they raided his room to find the fetuses packed in his luggage. Reports say the fetuses ranged in age from 2 to 7 months and were purchased for about $6,400 US. Chow was trying to get them into Taiwan where he could flip them for...

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Dog Gone Meals in Vietnam Means Finding Dogs Elsewhere

Put away your dogs. 98% are domesticated in Thailand, but if you have a muscular and pudgy dog, it might become Tom Yum. Actually, no they go to Vietnam where it’s “warming” and good luck. It become a meal and popular enough where they have to get it elsewhere. Stop the illegal dog trade? Check out this site In CNN: “The trade is illegal in Thailand and while authorities have made a number of raids involving thousands of dogs, the Thai Veterinary Medical Association estimates as many 500,000 dogs are sold across the Mekong every year.” (CNN – Dogs)  

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Thailand Floods Don’t Stop the Small Businesses

Seeing the photos of what the article mentions is endearing as it is enduring. The floods in Thailand are an everyday news story, but the small business people keep it going. Small business has different meanings everywhere, but the small and quick adaptation to a very screwed up environment amazes. Moving a car? Sure they created a floatation device and plastic bags to move it out. Have a cab or a tuk-tuk taxi? Modify it to ride in the water! In times like these, where the economy continues to be difficult, Thailand is a great example of being creative and moving forward. (Seattle PI – Thailand Business)  

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