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The Ultracompact Town EV

The story of this electric car is compelling. It’s a new vehicle niche in Japan. It’s going to be sub $10,000 and created by an ex Toyota employee and will be the size of a golf cart. It’ll be perfect for the narrow city streets of Tokyo where parking is difficult. The only negative? It’ll get crushed by a any other car. Keep your eyes open for the Town EV. It might not be so great in the US, but in a congested city, this could work. It’s “gas tank?” The run will run something like 30 miles per charge. (Bloomberg – Town EV)

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Car Review: The Mitsubishi Electric Car MiEV

The electric car concept sounds like a dream. It’s supposed to save the world. A documentary was made to cheer it’s value. Gas? who needs it? I drove the Mitsubishi MiEV for a bit less than a week and found that although the car works, the electricity part – the piece of the puzzle to save the energy crisis, the savior? it is its own Achilles Heel.   The electric car is slowly gaining some momentum. I did some research. There’s been press conferences, press drives, and a bit of news here and there. Myself driving this car is supposed to add to it. The idea? Drive it around and report on it. What can it do? Like most lower...

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