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Car Review: The Mitsubishi Electric Car MiEV

The electric car concept sounds like a dream. It’s supposed to save the world. A documentary was made to cheer it’s value. Gas? who needs it? I drove the Mitsubishi MiEV for a bit less than a week and found that although the car works, the electricity part – the piece of the puzzle to save the energy crisis, the savior? it is its own Achilles Heel.   The electric car is slowly gaining some momentum. I did some research. There’s been press conferences, press drives, and a bit of news here and there. Myself driving this car is supposed to add to it. The idea? Drive it around and report on it. What can it do? Like most lower...

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Pair of Electric Vehicles Hope to Defend Japanese Supremacy at Pike’s Peak Hill Climb

The root concept of the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb is blood simple: bring a insanely powerful car and negotiate the hill’s hairpin switchbacks, precipitous drops, uneven road surfaces and 12.42-mile-long, 14,115-foot climb faster than anyone else. Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima is the undisputed king of Pike’s Peak. Last year, Tajima, the chili dog-chomping veteran Japanese rally driver, became the first man to reach the summit in under ten minutes, ripping up the mountain in a record 9:51.278 in a crazy-looking 900-horsepower, twin-turbocharged, all-wheel drive Suzuki. Suzuki? Tajima’s not in this year’s race (July 3-8) to make some politically-correct statement on green power. He’s out to smash his record again, and knows it can be done ~ last year, another Japanese...

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