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Eel is Fetching $2000 a Pound!

Elvers! Yes, they’re fetching up to $2000 a pound in Maine. When is the last time you’ve seen eel on a menu when it’s not at a Japanese restaurant? Eel is scarce and may some day get on the endangered list. They net them and a typical fisherman might haul two pounds a day. Last year it was at $891 a pound. Time to start an eel farm?

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Robot Farmers in Japan

We hope this is only a test. Robots to farm the lands near the stricken reactors? Who’s going to be eating this crap? But then again, it’s just a test, so why not use land that’s not ruined and actually give away the food? Cool technology, and neat idea, but it’s just a PR move in the end that has to happen in the radiation zone. (Telegraph UK – Robot Farmers)  

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