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Chang Deqing Dolls

Chang Deqing dolls. We’re not sure why this one gets singled out by this paper in a world filled with dolls and figures, but it’s getting traction among fashionistas. Perhaps it’s his use of fabrics and being from a place that’s lesser known for figures and toys – China. He’s sort of a new Michael Lau in a way, blending urban wear and a design that’s also reflective of urban themes (regardless of their bad fashion). For you toy fans… Edition of 20! (China Daily – Chang Deqing)

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Giant Robot Podcast: Luke Rook the Apprentice Toy Maker

Luke Rook has always been a friend to Giant Robot. He began his recent career in toys by opening Lulubell Toy Bodega in Arizona and soon moved to Japan where his career turned. From being a “toy buyer” he’s now a toy maker. In this podcast, Luke Rook explains some of the mysteries of the Japanese toy making scene. In a matter of a few years after moving, he’s unlocked the “system” of striking up vinyl figures from serious mom and pops factories. One of the greatest facets of Luke is his sheer honesty and frankness which is shaping a new sub genre of “kaiju”. He still calls himself an apprentice, but that’ll change soon enough. Here’s a link to...

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Giant Robot Kool Things: Momiji and Erasers

DAILY PICKS Momiji Doll – Poppet. It’s cool how it comes in a what looks like a take out container. ($16) Poppet is insanely cute and there are plenty of other styles of Momiji. Check the others out here. Everyone needs erasers and these are the cutest. We have three types: Hedgehog, Animals, and Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat). We set it up so you can choose which styles work for you. ($1 ea)

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