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Round Trip : 8 Alumni Artists. One of these persons might not belong by name, but Clement Hanami, from the Japanese American National Museum’s section is the most challenging and interesting.

I can’t tell you the exact title, but when you press a button, garbage comes out of the outhouse. The messages on the “shitter” tells you direct that the world is going to shit. We keep producing crap and we throw it away and then where does it go? Clements pieces are often kinetic and thought out conceptually. A pretty painting? He has some of those too.

These get confusing since they’re kinetic puppets. One in a beat up house and the next, a definitely beat up Japanese style house. Does it mean, the Latin Americans and the Japanese Americans are puppets for others? Could be. When they say dance, they dance? Are they also dressed up and portrayed how others want them to be? Perhaps.

The lowrider rickshaw. I know Clement has another, but this one is awesome. The hydraulics work.


Want to see MORE PHOTOS by the rest of the artists including Diane Gamboa, Gronk,Will Herrón III, Judithe Hernández, Kent Twitchell, John Valadez, and Patssi Valdez Click on the jump.

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