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at Giant Robot – Mr Dave Kiersh

Mr Dave Kiersh, a man I’ve been calling “Indie Comics Hero” who’s a huge Afterschool Special fan made a quick stop at Giant Robot on sunday to talk a bit about his book and actually have folks live through what he’s into. Aside from reading a story, he showed an episode of an Afterschool Special episode starring Chad Lowe! It turns out the nostalgia of the shows is something that inspires his stories. Hope he stops through again. It’s one thing to just work on a publication and be into it, but this man lives through it all. If you ever meet him, ask him for his Afterschool Special collection! Or… ask him about indie publishing. He still does it...

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A Park Should Be Named After Hero Betty Ong

We’re not sure if anyone reads the petition site and says, “hmm, I think I’m going to change the name of this park.” However in this case, it’s a fine idea. Betty Ong park, a place where she played, learned, grew up, and perhaps ultimately made her the courageous person she was. Yes, she was a cool airplane attendant aboard one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center buildings. She’s been crowned a hero, so why not name a friggin park after her in San Francisco where she was born. That sounds easy and a great tribute on the opposite coast of NYC. Might as well do it now. (Petitionsite – Betty Ong)

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