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J-Pop AKB48 Continue to Grow Internationally

The group which is now spread larger than ever with teams of 16 females in more than one city in Japan is now beginning in other countries as well. Jakarta has a team and so forth. Fans get to cast votes and the top can record a single, solo. Beginning in 2005, this project has grown to 200 million in sales and will continue onward. But… will we see LA48 or NY48? That might be a scary one. (NY Daily – AKB48)

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Hatsune Miku Concert to Show in 9 Theaters in US on Nov 10

Here’s your chance to understand what the craze is about. She’s a huge star without taking a breath of air. The virtual star will come to life in concert. Hatsune Miku will show in Nine cities. The exact venue will be released soon.     Baltimore, MD; Boston (Manchester), MA; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA Orange, CA; New York, NY – Two locations; San Francisco/Bay Area, CA, Seattle, WA   Here’s a sample below! [youtube]DTXO7KGHtjI[/youtube]

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