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The 1980s Future Is Now: K-Pop Holographic Concert Theatres Coming Soon

Although it’s challenging to say that anything at Coachella could be considered ground breaking (especially considering this year’s lineups of reunions vs. new discoveries) it seems that  Hologram Tupac may have led the way for the future of K-pop. The Korea Times reports that SM Entertainment, home to some of today’s most popular idol groups, are seriously considering investing in holographic theatres that would offer “concerts” of their top acts. As their story points out, they had  to use a hologram Tupac at Coachella, because he’s DEAD. According to The Korea Times, SM Entertainment  has been wanting to do this for a while, and after they pulled off a successful holographic  Girls Generation concert, their passion for 1980s futurism was...

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J-Pop AKB48 Continue to Grow Internationally

The group which is now spread larger than ever with teams of 16 females in more than one city in Japan is now beginning in other countries as well. Jakarta has a team and so forth. Fans get to cast votes and the top can record a single, solo. Beginning in 2005, this project has grown to 200 million in sales and will continue onward. But… will we see LA48 or NY48? That might be a scary one. (NY Daily – AKB48)

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AKB48 Japan Pop Group – $200 Million

  There’s that number again, $200 million dollars. That’s how big AKB 48 is. According to the Cnet report, it’s more than what U2 makes. There’s 90 members and growing and their all day live performances which began as a novelty in geekville Akihabara is now a larger enterprise. Number one hits, sponsorships, commercials, and more. They’ve become a serious household name and it shows how a geek idea can be taken to the top. Five years ago, no chance. (Cnet – AKB48)

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