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281_Anti-Nuke Art Retrospective in Roppongi

  Things are heating up again in Japanese politics. The House of Councillors election for the Japanese Diet’s upper house is expected to take place in July 21, 2013. As a result, it’s J-Politics all the time in the Japanese news cycle and until then, we won’t find out whether the ruling party, LDP, will have a firmer foothold. Until then, you can get your fix of both art and politics at  281_Anti-Nuke’s exhibition at the Pink Cow bar in Roppongi, Japan.Tourists and Tokyoites may have seen 281′s work conspicuously stickered on public property throughout the city. Giant Robot did a brief entry on sighting on his designs last Fall. Since then, 281′s prominence has grown as more news outlets...

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Yakuza Ties Leads to Justice Ministers Resignation

Justice Minister, Keishu Tanaka and his yakuza ties has led to his demise. It’s not the first time a politician has an underworld connection. In fact political parties get the endorsements of crime groups. The best part is learning about the semi-popular ex Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s grandfather was once ties to a crime group and had tattoos, yet he was the Minister of General Affairs and known as “the tattooed minister.” (The Daily Beast – Yakuza Politicians)

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