Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

James Jean’s new product line including jewelry and more is now on his new OVM site. While his art soars in prices, this is a way to attain something at a lower price point. James answers a few questions for us about OVM. GR: What is Ovum in relation to your art? JJ: It’s a way for me to make tangible objects out of the motifs and in my work that can be worn and collected in a way that’s more accessible than a singular piece of artwork. I’m obsessed with quality, so the jewelry, like my books and graphic work, is designed down to the smallest detail. GR: What kind of products are you seeking to make and what will we see in the future? JJ: We have four major series of jewelry coming out this next year, along with sculptural multiples. OVM will also be publishing my iPad sketchbook app . . . so in that sense, OVM represents the arm of my production that’s aimed at a larger audience, while my paintings and drawings will remain cloistered in my studio until my next show. GR: Tell me about the creation of jewelry and what your intentions are with it’s design? JJ: The jewelry is inspired by forms in nature, much like my work – I think what makes the pieces unique are the silhouettes and shapes. I draw each piece and revise the molds very carefully, so that resulting forms seem as if they are plucked from my paintings or drawings. The constraints of designing something to be worn is a new challenge for me, so I have a Japanese design partner who helps me come up with elegant solutions for each piece.
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