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Los Angeles Nista: Mike Vallely, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, and me

So much Black Flag news today. Reyes, Ginn, Dukowski, and Robo will tour Europe. Morris, Dukowski, and Stevenson with Egerton will play Europe and Vegas. Will the Continent survive? Will there be any L.A. shows? Is this proof that Chuck Dukowski is not only a ripping bassist but the nicest guy who can get along with anyone and everyone? Expect lots of Black Flag talk and music when my friend Eddie Solis from It’s Casual hosts skater and musician Mike Vallely on the Los Angeles Nista radio show (downloadable on iTunes) on Monday, January 28 from 9-11 PST. Eddie is an SST insider and Mike V & The Rats not only played My War during the Black Flag reunion shows...

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