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Japan Unveils Massive Solar Ring Plan for the Moon “Shimizu Corporation proposes the Luna Ring for the infinite coexistence of mankind and the Earth.” One of Japan’s biggest construction companies is perhaps the last source you’d expect to propose encircling the Moon with solar panels to provide us with unlimited energy. NASA, Japan’s JAXA, or the Russian Federal Space Agency? Sure. Still, Shimizu’s proposal, which currently has no established timeline, could in theory provide the Earth with 13,000 terawatts of free and clean solar power. Uh, after the 6,800 mile-long solar ring and the moon-based power transfer facility are built, that is. (The Mail Online – Solar Ring Plan for the Moon) Korean Chef’s Continental Mission “Korean cuisine has a much more complicated flavor profile than soy sauce and kimchi.” Korean celebrity chef Edward Kwon loves to play with kimchi. But he is also out to prove to the rest of us that elements of Korean cuisine are not only world-class, but can be happily incorporated into traditional continental cooking styles. (CNNGo – Chef Edward Kwon) U.S. 9th Circuit Is Not In Liu “He is withdrawing because there is little prospect that the Senate will ever vote on his nomination.” Berkeley law professor Gordon Liu withdraws his name from nomination to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The liberal scholar had been appointed by President Obama, but GOP members of the Senate filibustered to block a vote which may have approved his nomination. (NPR – Professor Gordon Liu) Chinese Prisoners Farm Virtual Gold “Prison bosses made more money forcing inmates to play games than they do forcing people to do manual labor,” Imagine working 12 hours a day at hard prison labor, then being forced to play online games for the benefit of your jailers. Under penalty of physical abuse with, say, plastic pipes. A former prisoner of China’s Jixi Labor Camp tells the story of how prison bosses made him and his fellow inmates play online games (like World of Warcraft) for virtual currency. (Guardian UK – Online Gaming Prisoners) Lacrosse in Shanghai? “People look at you strangely when you mention lacrosse.” Lacrosse, a quintessentially American sport, didn’t exist in Shanghai three years ago. Now, thanks to the support of the Federation of International Lacrosse and an encouraging expatriate coach, a group of Chinese students have their eyes set on the Lacrosse World Championship in 2014. (CNNGo – Shanghai Lacrosse Players)
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