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GR2: Still, Life Reception Photos Starring Mike Lee and Vincent Nguyen

The people who stop into the art exhibitions are always in great spirits. Art is a circular path and it's a fun and energetic ride. We are thankful for that. Mike Lee and Vincent Nguyen visited from New York and brought their energy to create a fun exhibition. The beginning of the exhibition began with fans and new onlookers of the art, yet the later portion became a gathering of artists. For more on the art works itself, please see the collection. Also, see more photos from the opening reception. 

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Touching Animation by Tekken

Not the video game, but a Japanese comedian. This is a touching animation that’s hot online. Great work and interesting idea that sums up a life. For some reason, aside from the characters looking Asian, it does capture some of the Japanese man. The grouchiness, the fulfillment not realized and more. It’s touching and sad. The thing to capture is that, we find out about the important things way too late. [youtube]Bf9K6SXDkXU[/youtube]

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Living in Rabbit Cages in Hong Kong

These have to be some of the worst paid living conditions ever. Yes, of course living on the streets in a wartorn country could be worse, but this is pretty bad. Is it possible that 100,000 live in rabbit cages in Hong Kong? They’re 6×2 1/2 feet and costs a whopping $200 a month, which seems high! There’s a shared shower and some even have small families. There’s no kitchen and there are more photos at the link. (Dailymail – Rabbit Hutches)

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