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Touching Animation by Tekken

Not the video game, but a Japanese comedian. This is a touching animation that’s hot online. Great work and interesting idea that sums up a life. For some reason, aside from the characters looking Asian, it does capture some of the Japanese man. The grouchiness, the fulfillment not realized and more. It’s touching and sad. The thing to capture is that, we find out about the important things way too late. [youtube]Bf9K6SXDkXU[/youtube]

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GR2: The Art of Problem Solving Opening Photos

The Art of Problem Solving aka The Problem Solverz Art Exhibition took place on saturday. That’s Ben Jones the creator of the show below. There’s some type of madness going on in his head at the moment below. We get a phone call daily from someone who enjoys the program a lot and you will too.   That is John Pham below. He’s the art director of the program and many of the characters are his creations. For plenty of more images, please look below

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Gigantor to be Remade In Hollywood?

  The Dickies might have covered the Gigantor song (YouTube link to the song), but it’s remake as a Hollywood film is now underway. Bryan Barber director of Idlewild is shopping the project around and is dubbing it a “Transformers meets Goonies.” How’s that for an elevator pitch? The story is about a kid who gains control of a robot and there you have it. A story that’s easily understood. The animation began in 1956 and was repackaged in America in the 60s. (Collider  - Gigantor)   [youtube]ZlWaTAZUxUQ[/youtube]  

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