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LGBT Asians in Photos

It’s a list. 54 in all. Of course it’s a starting point missing plenty including ex football players, Onch, visual artists, writers, and more? This list is littered with fashion, glam, and more. Are these really the most influential as the title suggests? We’re calling it a good effort list. (Huffpo – LGBT Asians) That’s the Captain!

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Best 100 Asian Universities

Where did you go to school, if at all? Where did it rank? Does it matter what’s at the top? It’s Hong Kong U of Science and Technology. Yes, don’t say you knew this. Number two? It’s neighbor University of Hong Kong. Best 100 Asian Universities. (US News – Best in Asia) If you’re down to know, here’s the best 400 in the world. (US News – Top 400)

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