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Evidently the Class of 97 Panel: The Asian American New Wave panel happened because of an article penned by Peter X Feng called "The State of Asian American Cinema." It was published in Cineaste Magazine CINEASTE, 24(4), 1999, pp. 20-24). It's not readable online...
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Another year rolls by. The LA Asian Pacific Film Festival has run through a week of film programming. Congrats to the folks who work on this festival. It’s looking up – way up. The closing night took place at the CGV Cinemas in Koreatown. The pics don’t do the event justice, but that’s my cousin Michael Aki who starred in the film, Daylight Savings. Yes, there are better photos of him, but these are iPhone specials!



People dancing and Michael stares at who knows what. A starlet?


Then it’s beer time. Chug.

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