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It’s that month again and it would be nice if it really felt like this special month. Yet on friday it was special, as I got invited to see Don Nakanishi, Lisa Ling, and Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong get honored by the mayor as a part of Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. An interesting setting, I donned a suit (sort of) and got there early. Parking was security enforced. It’s actually cool that they have a car blocker than goes down when they let you enter. The program is above. It’s filled with art! That’s them from Left to Right. The Dr is quite an impressive person that I’ve never heard of. I guess I need to pay attention to more doctors. Korean food, Japanese rice balls, islander fruit, Chinese bao. The Mayor gives a talk. He did hit that gong just a minute earlier. That’s Paul Song, Lisa Ling’s husband on left. That’s Laura Ling and Lisa and Laura’s mother on the right. Laura is pregnant, but how is she still stick skinny besides the baby? That’s the Nakanishi’s Mom and Thomas added with the Mayor. That’s the man getting down. Look at the leg pose in the red dress. Soba. In the big room. Chinese dragon dancing happened. This room is amazing. Imagine people come up and do talks. They get a few minutes, and see the huge area where people are sitting? Most of the time, they don’t even listen. They’re talking to other people. It’s a strange place. There’s an audience behind where I was sitting and there’s groups who are there for a particular reason – to listen to one of their crew do a talk. That’s Don Nakanishi The three were presented with an award. Yes, people did listen a little more since the Mayor presented it. It’s still an odd place filled with protocal.The press room. Lisa shared a moment with Paul. “Let’s get outta here!”
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