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Milk Tea, Green Tea, and Taro Boba Pins

I remember the first shop servingĀ boba was Relaxstation on Sawtelle Blvd. It must have been in the later 90s. By that time, there were some shops in Monterey ParkĀ and boba soon became a craze. Years later it became available at too many places and restaurants began to serve it as well. Here's an article in 2000 from the NY Daily News. I'm quoted in it saying, "I don't think it's going to be huge," I said that?! However, I do include it in my list of "50 Pop Culture Influentials." Sawtelle Blvd was inundated in the early 2000s and I even helped NPR's Laura Sydell cover it for NPR. I took her to Volcano Tea, which was on of five...

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Boba May Cause Cancer?

What doesn’t these days, but now the latest Asian food scare is boba or “bubble tea”. It may have a carcinogen that shouldn’t be in food at all is what “they” are saying. What took them so long to figure this one out?! For those who are freaked out because you’re slurping up a ball as you read this, who knows… factories which make boba aren’t all equal. This is a single sample from a single place. But you never know. (Huffington Post – Boba)

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