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Chinese Group Sex is Illegal?

“The government has declared orgies, formally called “crowd licentiousness,” to be illegal.” It’s been over a week since the news broke of Chinese officials and young girls posed in a group photo that’s obvious they were about to swap DNA 5 ways and it’s funny how it has to stay in the news, now it’s about how group sex is viewed in China. Yes, it’s illegal. (NY Times – Group Sex in China) If you snoop around, you’ll see funny Photoshopped versions and sites with the complete photo dump. Geez.

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NY Times Travels to Osaka for a Day and Half

People have heard over and over that this crab once fell and crushed people. It’s like a urban myth. It’s something you’ll see in Osaka for some reason. They give an hour by hour list of things to do. Some of it sounds familiar, and some isn’t. But you can just take a short train to Kyoto and blow all this off which might be the best call of all. (NY times – 36 Hours in Osaka)

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