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Kio Inagaki – Yellow Rat Clothing

GR gets more visitors during the holidays. This is Kio Inagaki who’s often referred to as one of the better surfers in the area, and the person behind Yellow Rat clothing visits and gifts me a new hoodie. Barry McGee refers to him as the “best underground surfer”. The print is below, it’s the same image that’s on some of his “Dingy” T shirts. We have them. The hoodie is actually interesting since it’s not just an ordinary cut. It’s made like hoodies from the 50s and the cuffs are folded over, the cut is actually unlike anything I’ve seen, and that’s how it’s done. From Kio’s blog: “Collaborated artwork of Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgalen, graphic art masters representing...

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Street Market II – video tour MOCA – Art in the Streets

[youtube]kySsodNxIKs[/youtube] I shot this without the intention of turning it into a film, but I figure there’s so many of you out there who won’t be able to make it to MOCA – Art in the Streets. This is another way to see it. In my opinion the “Street Market II” is the best part of the entire exhibition. The three, Barry McGee, Todd James, and Steve Powers – TWIST, REAS, ESPO respectively, made an effort and succeeded in creating an actual environment, so I isolated it into it’s own video. No where else in the exhibition did I feel that I was being pushed into a very different space. Street Market? There definitely is a place that deserves such...

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