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Nikki McClure Art Talk Video at GR2

Giant Robot 2 features Nikki McClure's intricate paper cut work from her exhibition 15,000 Years Later. On Sunday, April 5th, she conducted a talk about her work, process, and described individual pieces which gives you a powerful insight into her thoughts and background. It's interesting, but also inspiring. She's in tune with her surroundings and that's something to behold. Come take a look at her pieces at GR2 or see them online.  More images are at this link.      Here's the audio only on Soundcloud.

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GR2 Exhibition: 15,000 Years Later - Nikki McClure

GR2: 15,000 Years Later - Nikki McClure April 4, 2015 - April 22, 2015 Reception April 4, 6:30-10pm - Artist Nikki McClure will be in attendance Nikki McClure's work echo her own cycles in life. From pre-children, to a baby, to a kid growing up, McClure captures it with paper cut pieces using an X-acto knife that are delicate and beautiful. Some pieces echo a working person's world, others echo motherhood, and many celebrate the outdoors.    McClure has numerous published books, prints, and cards. Her annual calendar remains popular as ever. McClure once performed music and occasionally still does. She's worked with numerous musicians and brands including Patagonia and lives in Olympia, Washington.  Giant Robot has supported her work from an early time,...

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