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“Fans will also be able to view video clips of their idols’ departure and arrival at airports, as well as behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage.” South Korean pop music continues to grow in global popularity and exposure. The French in particular seem to love the stuff. In May, hundreds of fans rallied in front of the Louvre in Paris to demand an extra show for the upcoming K-pop SM Town Live World Tour presented by SM Entertainment of Seoul. This same tour has visited Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai. In fact, the tour returns to Tokyo this September. In the meantime, K-pop fans will be able to view concert highlights from the June 10th and 11th Paris shows on the SM Entertainment YouTube channel and Facebook page. Apparently, K-pop fans from the U.S., Mexico, Australia and Italy are using the Facebook page to lobby for SM Town Live shows in their countries. Hey, it’s only K-pop, but we like it! (Korea Herald – K-pop Paris Tour)
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