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Colder Than a Witches Teat

For your Halloween delight, Witches in Philippines… When we say cold, yes we’re sure it’s cold. These witches who are in a deep rooted region, cast spells like making one see their ex-lover remember your face! Check out this article and the below is the only photo. Wish there were more! (LA Times – Witches)

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Filipinos Survive Eating Death Cap Mushrooms

“We thought they were organic…We thought it was a good mushroom because it sprung up in our backyard,” The quote is troubling. It’s like eating anything that’s shiny and new. Just fry it up and put in mouth. That’s not the way to go. Although Frank Constantinopla and his wife claim to have picked shrooms in the Philippines, you can’t just pick mushrooms in the US and eat them unless you’re a pro. The photo above are Death Cap mushroom, the same kind the couple ate. C’mon. (ABS – Shrooms)

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