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Fugu – The Poisonous Sashimi to Become Unlicensed

Fugu licenses are to drop out in Tokyo. Meaning, unlicensed Fugu chefs will be able to serve you the poison puffer fish. Right away, you’re thinking, more deaths. Yet it’s actually certain organs in the fish that cause problems in people. The unlicensed buyers will need to record where they got their fish and it’ll have those poison organs removed. It’s called Mikaki Fugu. Instead of the excitement of eating something poisonous, you’re actually eating something inert.

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Poison Cat Stew Poisons a Billionaire in China

They do eat cat in China. Yes, poisoned cat stew kills a billionaire, Long Liyuan. The article mentions that cat stew is a delicacy in the Southern regions of Guangdong, China. From the Guardian UK, “Huang, deputy director of agriculture in Guangdong’s Bajia township, is suspected of poisoning the hotpot with the herb Gelsemium elegans, according to a statement on the microblog of the investigating police. The poisonous plant is found in forests in parts of China.” The photo on the left is a Civet Cat which are evidently used in cat stew. Also it’s written that Long enjoyed house cat meat more!  

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Filipinos Survive Eating Death Cap Mushrooms

“We thought they were organic…We thought it was a good mushroom because it sprung up in our backyard,” The quote is troubling. It’s like eating anything that’s shiny and new. Just fry it up and put in mouth. That’s not the way to go. Although Frank Constantinopla and his wife claim to have picked shrooms in the Philippines, you can’t just pick mushrooms in the US and eat them unless you’re a pro. The photo above are Death Cap mushroom, the same kind the couple ate. C’mon. (ABS – Shrooms)

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