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Virgin Boy Urine Eggs

What’s for breakfast? How about eggs cooked in piss? In Dongyang, China, that’s what’s special. Virgin boys under the age of 10 pee into buckets and those get used to cook the eggs. Yes, the eggs crack after cooking and then more piss is added. Want to prevent head stroke? Then eat these eggs. It takes a day to make them and it sounds like something that can be made anywhere.

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Using Our Joysticks, Us Men Can Play the Pee Game

Yes, us men have our own game controller as said by Hirotaka Machida of Sega. The urinal games are something we’ve reported before in the UK and now there’s an official one by SEGA. The urinal costs $2000 and would be a joy to have in your own home. Imagine the amount of water or beer you’d drink to try and beat the pee records. Some games are measured by pee volume! One removes the clothes of a women from the quantity of pee, one has a fake nurse talking about your pee, and one is a snot shooting game. Which will be most popular? Drunken men, animated clothes less female. It’s trouble all around.   [youtube]YprsmfrdDew[/youtube]

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Joystick Joy! Urinal Games Available In the UK

The only reason I’d go to the Exhibit bar would be to drink as much as I can, so I could play the urinal game. Beer, tons of it shall fill my bladder to the point of me seeing yellow. I’ll hold it in, so my slalom run will be the longest ever. I’ll smash all of the penguins easily. It may cost a few British pounds, but it’ll be worth it. I won’t joke about a joystick or a knob, that’s too easy, you do get to pee in directions to control your skiing run. Go left or right, the stream will guide your character. Yes, urinals splash, I know this, but for the joy of playing a game,...

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