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The Need to Restart Reactors

The Prime Minister of Japan says there’s a need to restart two reactors for the livelihoods of Japan. This was bound to happens since fossil fuels cost and there’s not enough alt energy in place that’s willing to be adopted. This brings up a better discussion of what can really replace nuclear power? What are people willing to sacrifice and vote for? Bummer for the locals of the Ohi Plant, but that’s how things are going to work at the moment. (Business Week – Ohi Reactors)  

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Japan Nuclear Free, But For How Long?

Japan is now Nuclear reactor free. For how long? How will they compensate? It’s going to cost, but if there’s a solution, it’ll be something worthy of many Nobel Prizes. The test will be the summer when people need to turn on the AC in a humid Japan. The ideal is that they stay this way, but the reality, they’re going to have to turn one back on. (CNN – Nuclear Free)

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Tepco Shuts Down its Last Reactor in Japan

Amazing in a way. Japan is now nearly nuclear power free. This doesn’t mean some will start up again, but for the moment there is only 1 nuclear powered reactor. It’ll be an amazing feat for a country like Japan to function without nuclear power which will then force them to go fossil or an alternative source. It’s a chance for something great to happen. (Reuters – Tepco)

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