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GR2: Repose Mike Lee Reception Photos

One of the friendliest artists is New Yorker via the OC and Otis College of Art and Design, Mike Lee. His exhibition began just this past saturday and unlike his past works which were all on graphite, this one was a mix of ink and oils. Mike Lee has great support from friends, family, and artists. He fits perfectly well. Flickr Set for Repose Mike Lee 

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Artist Interview: Mike Lee - Repose

Jennifer Bequio: In the past, you’ve participated in group and two person exhibitions here at GR2. How does it feel to have your own solo show here at GR2? Mike Lee: I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, but it is overwhelming. Because a majority of the pieces are smaller in scale, I'm creating work up until the opening to avoid a situation where the walls feel bare or empty. But ultimately, I realized all I can do is produce as much as I can and have faith everything with come together.  JB: Is this your first solo show? Or have you done solo shows in the past? ML: I've mostly been a part of group shows, but yes this is my first...

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GR2: Repose - Solo Exhibition by Mike Lee

GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025  4242.GO.ROBO Repose - Solo Exhibition by Mike Lee This body of work is themed around emotion and exploration. There were many realizations that came to light when working with mediums other than pencil. I was able to achieve rich blacks, but more importantly the speed I was able to finish a piece allowed me to execute far more ideas.  I focused in on figures and had them represent emotions i often felt from people closest to me as well as ones I observed from the world around me.

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