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GR2: Game Night USC - Photo Set and More

Game Night USC Edition happened this past saturday at GR2 and it might have been our best. Imagine numerous game stations featuring games from the students of the USC Interactive Media & Games department and the USC Game Innovation Lab. There were so many games that they rotated throughout the evening. The crowd was mixed with gamers, USC students, and passers by.  Inside, we held a panel discussion which outlined the USC program and the panelists / students got to expound on their experiences. Richard Lemarchand, a long time GR friend, game designer, and now professor led the discussion to the gaming "community" in Los Angeles. It was pleasant to hear about "our" own indie game scene that's slowly taking shape. (Link...

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GR2: Game Night: USC - Play Aegis Defenders, Anamnesis, Walden + Panel Discussion

Game Night USC Sat November 8, 2014 Game Night: USC - Play Aegis Defenders (GUTS Department, Anamnesis (Somek Friends), Walden (Game Innovation Lab) + Panel Discussion with Richard Lemarchand, Associate Professor USC Cinematic Arts and Guests discussing the USC Games Program and the LA Game Scene. We will rotate games throughout the night. There are TEN scheduled games! We'll be expanding game night to include a panel discussion with our special guests from USC's "game department", School of Cinematic Arts - Game Innovation Lab. 

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