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Bummer for Kwanhyun Park. He’s a straight A student who didn’t get into the UC school of his choice although he was plenty qualified. Maybe it wasn’t enough extra curricular activities?Overachieving Asian Americans are getting bumped by the international students. Why? Because schools can charge more to have a spoiled child of wealthy and perhaps corrupt official or landlord in a country filled with savages. (We’re kidding). However, the enrolling rate of Chinese students are increasing and taking spots away from qualified students of all ethnicities. “In 2009, University of California administrators told the San Diego campus to reduce its number of in-state freshmen by 500 to about 3,400 and fill the spots with out-of-state and international stu dents, said Mae Brown, the school’s admissions director. California residents pay $13,234 inannual tuition while nonresidents pay $22,878.” (Bloomberg – China Students)
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