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“The animations and St. Amand’s statements served as probable cause to find the aforementioned images, which were photographs of real children.” We freely admit this isn’t the most pleasant story Giant Robot news has brought you in the last couple of weeks. But it does touch on important issues about the gray areas in which animated or virtual pornography exists, and how some people give legal adult entertainment a bad name. Seems the wife of a 24-year-old man in Slidell, Louisiana caught him looking at anime porn, which is legal in that state, on a shared family computer. After the wife alerted local police, who were able to use the anime porn as probable cause for a prosecutable crime, authorities found a damning compilation of pornographic images of real female children between the ages of four and five. The man was immediately arrested, and may be prosecuted further on actual child molestation charges. Clearly, the Slidell man’s possession of anime porn is peripheral to his actual sick interests, but we can’t help being concerned that legal adult anime entertainment will continue to have negative associations because of stories like this. (Anime News Network – Louisiana Anime Porn)
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