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Sadako Sasaki Statue in Seattle is Serendipitous

After posting about Sadako Sasaki and the GR Origami Crane Pin just a few days ago (link), the irony is that there's a Peace Park in Seattle with a Sadako Sasaki statue. The park is in the University District and as artist Ken Taya mentioned, this is a forgotten place and he once lived in a dormitory across the street. He wasn't sure if her statue still stood.  The park is dark and on that key corner, the weeds are getting tall. Upon approaching, the statue was hard to see. From afar, it looks like Sadako Sasaki is covered in overgrowth, but she's actually draped in 1000s of origami cranes. It's comforting to know that she's still loved.  I'm not sure how...

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The Ichiro Effect

The Ichiro Effect is now gone from Seattle, a west coast location that’s not as far from Japan and New York City. Tourism will be affected as people will now perhaps defect to New York for visits. But even that will be less. Seattle is a much simpler place to visit. “Japan sends more tourists to Seattle than any other country, according to U.S. Commerce department officials, the newspaper notes. In 2011 alone, 64,000 Japanese tourists visited the region.” (USA Today – Ichiro Effect)

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