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Siphon Coffee Tattoo

Coffee is Los Angeles has official arrived in case you’ve been turned off. It might have started with Intelligestia doing their high end coffee, but since then, numerous small shops have opened dazzling people’s burned out Starbucks ruined palates. It’s not the big chain’s fault. They simply just created their own niche of cheap burned java. There were limited second choices. Now the second choices offer handcrafted cups of coffee. People are growing in their expertise. Of course this leads to the art of coffee, even on tattoos. That’s a Siphon straight from the illustration off the patent. This fella, Logan works at Balconi and he’s flying the flag of coffee. Of course he’ll get the bong jokes, but in...

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Giant Robot Artist Friends Series – Ray Sato

[youtube]_zx_co2cc0k[/youtube]     A huge percentage of us drink coffee. It’s part of a ritual at work where it’s dripping free all day or a first meeting at a safe haven Starbucks. It’s part of our breaks, wake up routine or social life. Years ago diners served coffee almost free. Forward some decades and the conglomerates arrived and featured fattening mixtures using over roasted beans in gigantic cups for a few dollars. Then more recently, the fast food drive throughs threw in their hats with their own methods of sub $1 cups. Where there’s a low end, a high end usually emerges and it’s timed perfectly with the boutique food movement and it’s coffee. Ray Sato is the owner...

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