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“Another player, from the Pohang Steelers, is accused of allegedly betting on the match after finding out the outcome would be rigged.” It looks like some major sports in Asia have fallen on hard times, ethically speaking. You may remember the huge sumo scandal in Japan last February, when it was discovered that 25 wrestlers and coaches were implicated in fixing matches and forced to retire. The scandal also forced the cancellation of all the regular sumo tournaments until this coming July. Well, in South Korea it looks like match fixing is at the center of a breaking scandal in that country’s professional soccer league. At least 10 players from three teams, the Daejeon Citizens, the Pohang Steelers, and Gwangju FC, have been accused of taking huge bribes to throw games or manipulate the outcomes. Needless to say, the South Korean sports ministry is furious, and intends to impose fines, jail terms and lifetime banishment on any soccer player found guilty in the match-fixing scheme. (BBC News Asia-Pacific – South Korean Soccer Bribes)
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