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Sony Take a Loss Thanks to Playstation and More

  “There can be no doubt about the fact that it has been an extremely difficult 12 months for Sony and, as a result, the electronics giant has seen revenue fall 9.6% to $79.2 billion in the fiscal year that ended with March. Those numbers are down from $87.8 billion in 2011.” The factories in Thailand got flooded halting production, a Quake, a Tsunami, and so much competition from everywhere are cited as reasons.

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Japan Admits Defeat in War… of TVs

Korean companies Samsung and LG took the market away by making TVs cheaper and just as good. TVs went from being huge boxes of tubes to being flat and nearly disposable. They technology changes every other year and buying something that’s not a decade of commitment is the new way to go. Like Nintendo, Sony and Panasonic, two big TV makers had shares fall from quarterly losses. They’re now going to output half of their projected amounts of TVs. (ft – Japan Waves White Flag)

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A Blurb on Jobs’s International Legacy

The world is in mourning. The passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs is truly a tragedy on a personal level; yet, I can’t help but reflect what his life’s work represented on the international stage. “Innovative” is the recurrent description attached to Jobs by various news networks. However, if he were known for just that trait alone, then he wouldn’t have superseded America’s creative reputation. America is the land where technical innovators are born. Whether it’s Henry Ford, Thomas Eddison, or even Bill Gates, that’s what America is known for. It’s what made companies like Apple the envy of nations across the globe and continued to persist after the current Great Recession. In a Giant Robot interview with Shuji Iwai,...

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