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FantAsia 2011

  One day… we’ll attend this festival. This is the premier Fantastic Film Festival in North America. July 14-August 7. It’s takes place in Montreal and this is the 15th year! As usual, anything out of control, interesting, and weird will be here. Oh, it should be Asian. New film by Takashi Miike – Ninja Kids, Sion Sono – Cold Fish, Jet Li – Ocean Heaven, and more. Seriously what’s missing? At times, the films are super over the top ridiculous. B or C movie if it were made here with American bad actors, but then again, sometimes they’re not. (Twitch film – FantAsia 2011)   Check out the Ocean Heaven trailer… you expect to see Jet Li start throwing...

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Giant Robot Newsbot June 1, 2011

Takashi Miike to Direct Film Based on Nintendo DS game – Phoenix Wright Miike’s next film following his 13 Assassins and Ninja Kids… This man keeps busy, and it’s striking that anyone will make a film based on a DS game. That’s how strong DS is in Japan. “In a typical “Ace Attorney” game, you’d hunt for clues in various locations and talk to persons of interest who might info on a case. Then, like a “Law & Order” episode, the action shifts to a courtroom where you put witnesses on the stand and whip out evidence that shatters their alibis.” (IFC - Miike Phoenix Wright) After the Quake: Sake Returns! Takahiro Hirai says, “I thought the fermentation had gone too far...

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GR Newsbot May 29, 2011

From Japan, a Poncho Toilet for Disasters (to Prevent Disasters) “This is basically burnable garbage.” When you gotta to, you gotta go, And in order to go, you need two things: A place to go, and bit of privacy. On the serious side, you have a country like Japan, where crowded living conditions often make attaining privacy difficult. And we have a hard time imagining how the survivors of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami have adapted to having even less privacy than usual in crowded shelters and refugee centers. On the lighter side, we can see a huge advantage to having a toilet in a baggie at one’s, uh, disposal. Check out the video at the link, and just...

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