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The Jew and The Lotus Art Podcast Episode 22

Episode 22 of The Jew and The Lotus Podcast about art features a full description of what happened at the EPIC CARNIVAL and why it was shut down on June 11th, 2016. The Epic Carnival was an event hosted by Daniel Rolnik Gallery with 30 vendors, bands, comedians, and free ice cream, which was tragically held captive by the gallery’s landlord, Moussa. Co-host, Eric Nakamura, offers his insights on the Orlando mass shooting, which left over 50 people dead and 50 more injured. Daniel and Eric discuss gun laws in the United States and how Eric’s interview with school shooter, Wayne Lo, has influenced his decision on the matter. Wayne Lo, who has been in jail for over 20 years,...

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The Jew and The Lotus episode 21 - Elections - The Smell & Pehr Space - and tons of questions

Just a week or so after The Smell announced they were closing, now it's Pehr Space having issues with their building. What's going to happen? We discuss. Also yes, I won the election along with four of my colleagues and we talk about that. The artists who come to vote, swung the election. There's more for sure, especially when it comes down to art. We talk about it and answer quite a few great questions.  Listen here for Episode 21 

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