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Mission Impossible and Tin Tin World Premier in Asia

All of you Tom Cruise fans or Herge fans know that although your movie ticket purchasing in the past helped the studios and actors out, your money is now in second place. Mission Impossible and Tin Tin are to premier outside of America. Why is that? Is it an economic shift? A test to see if it affect piracy? Is it the typical move of trying to take a billion people’s money before they open? It’s going to happen in India and it’s a shifting market move. Tin Tin is a month early, Mission Impossible is five days early. Video report is below.  

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Chris Jeon: War Tourist Extraordinaire

The story of the UCLA undergrad, Chris Jeon, who allegedly traveled to visit the rebel faction in Libya has ran the circuit dry at this rate. There are plenty of reasons to explain and describe why his actions were stupid at this rate. For one, he voluntarily decided to stroll into a battleground with what could barely pass as a travel itinerary in the back of his head. That’s not the reason why my blood boils at the mere thought of this his actions. It’s the principle of his stupidity that weighs heavily on my judgment and it’s representative of other college students out there. NAFSA estimates that 260,327 students have studied abroad during the 2008/2009 academic year. While it’s...

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