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Today is World Toilet Day

First celebrate hard. Give a crap! It’s world toilet day. November 19th. Toto – The Greatest “Washlets” Some of you might know what Toto makes as a “shitter”, but these are really more than that. They’re also not just toilets either. They are Washlets and people who visit Japan, love these. They make sounds when you need a disguise something, they also shoot a perfect stream to clean your privates when you’re done doing number 2. This article just talks about Toto and their slowly growing market. The toilets start at $900 which is steep and perhaps they’ll hit better in Europe. (Google – Toto)

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Toto Toilet Bike

Take a dump and drive further! No, not really. The Toto toilet cycle actually uses waste from livestock and sewage. On a full tank this vehicle can go 180 miles. (NY Daily News – Toto) We actually wrote about the man who travelled Japan in this same bike. (GR – Toto)

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