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Toto Toilet Bike

Take a dump and drive further! No, not really. The Toto toilet cycle actually uses waste from livestock and sewage. On a full tank this vehicle can go 180 miles. (NY Daily News – Toto) We actually wrote about the man who travelled Japan in this same bike. (GR – Toto)

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LA Times Interview: Jessica Yu – Last Call at the Oasis

Jessica Yu interviewed by the LA Times about water in promotion of her film, “Last Call at the Oasis”. It’s about water and it’s depletion. This one quote says it all, “When Famiglietti says the aquifer under the Central Valley, which we use to irrigate a lot of the crops that provide one-fourth of the food in this country, could be depleted in as little as 60 years — that absolutely floored me.” (LA Times – Jessica Yu)

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