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China Train Crash Blamed on Jailed and Dead

  Trains are an amazing technology. China just tested a train that broke the 300mph barrier. Pictured below is the new train that is said to go up to 310 mph. Earlier this year, a bullet train accident occurred killing 40 and injuring 200. It’s definitely no surprise that big train crash in China earlier this year gets blamed on mostly a jailed guy and a dead guy. There was a lightning strike supposedly that caused problems, but why the quick cover up? The clean up happened near instantly and it has taken nearly a year to get word out as to who to blame. Truly, it’s of no consequence as who get the blame, but in the end, an accident...

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Salarymen to Dress Lighter, Vomit and Ride Quieter!

Super Cool “Daylight Savings” in Tokyo “Under Japan’s corporate culture many workers feel obligated to work until it is dark outside—no matter what their starting time.” Last week we reported on the Japanese government’s “Super Cool Biz” business clothing campaign, which encourages office workers to dress in cooler business attire for summer instead of the traditional heavy suits and skirts which have become the symbols of salarypeople in Japan. This week, Tokyo’s city government is taking things a step further by establishing summer hours, under which some employees report for work an hour earlier to take advantage of cooler morning working conditions, and to save costs related to air conditioning. And, of course, these workers get to leave an hour...

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