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Coliseum at Twin Infinities art show

On Friday night, I went with my old friend/ass-kicker/artist/zine maker/GR crew for life Kiyoshi Nakazawa to the NOMAD gallery in Frogtown to catch a fine display of the art of rocking and art about rock. Above: The mighty Coliseum made a stop on their California Obliteration tour. Yes!

Rich Jacobs

Co-curated by Rich Jacobs (above) and Sam James Velde (Night Horse), the show had too many contributors to list, but I happen to be a friend or fan of many.

Ben Clark

I never get sick of seeing my pal/GR crew Ben Clark’s work, especially when it’s printed. Up on top you can see THE picture of Justin fronting Unwound at Jabberjaw. What a rad show. Damn. I’m pretty sure I was at that Rocket From The Crypt gig pictured in front, as well, not to mention the Fugazi show at the Palace on the bottom left. Ben actually made me print of the latter, and it’s one of my prized possessions.

Rick Froberg

Art by some of my musical heroes: Rick Froberg from Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, and Obits (above). David Pajo from Slint, Tortoise, Papa M, and a ton of others (below). Our mutual friend Sooyoung Park introduced me to Pajo at a BBQ in Chicago, but I doubt if he remembers me.

David Pajo


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