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Bone Smuggler

Here’s the latest on the stolen dinosaur bones which were auctioned off for a million bucks in May. The NY Daily News reviews the latest in the ongoing saga (interspersed with random “fossil” news). In short, the guy who obtained the fossils to build the skeleton that went to auction, has been spending his summer crabbing about the Supreme Court decision to return the fossils to the Mongolian government. A small army of paleontologists checked it out thoroughly and decided that there was no way possible that the fossils had come from anywhere BUT Mongolia, and it’s been illegal to remove them from the country without permission for the last 90 or so years. A paper trail was followed, and...

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The Tyrannosaur Tarbosaurus is Mongolian

Busted and why didn’t the dinosaur bones get checked out beforehand? It sold for near 1.1 million and now it’s an issue of who gets this? Will it go back to Mongolia and be placed in a museum? Will it just get poached again? “We have pulled a lot of them out of the ground and seen a lot of others come out of the ground, and in our professional opinion it is from Mongolia,” said Mark Norell, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History who began working in the Central Asian country in 1990. (Fox News – Tarbosaurus)

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