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The Tyrannosaur Tarbosaurus is Mongolian

Busted and why didn’t the dinosaur bones get checked out beforehand? It sold for near 1.1 million and now it’s an issue of who gets this? Will it go back to Mongolia and be placed in a museum? Will it just get poached again? “We have pulled a lot of them out of the ground and seen a lot of others come out of the ground, and in our professional opinion it is from Mongolia,” said Mark Norell, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History who began working in the Central Asian country in 1990. (Fox News – Tarbosaurus)

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Tsunami Wake: Bones to Wash Ashore

Bones to Wash Ashore. Sneakers with parts of feet in them might have floated across the Pacific. Surely there’s more boats as well. It’s a sad reality, yet it’s going to happen. “We’re expecting 100 sneakers with bones in them,” Curt Ebbesmeyer told the audience Monday at a tsunami symposium. Anyone who discovers such remains should call 911 and wait for police. DNA may identify people missing since the March 2011 tsunami hit Japan. (Huffington Post – Bones)

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T-Rex Auction is Today

Get this for a cool million. I wish I could get it. Imagine, it’s 8 feet tall and 24 feet long. It can fit into a huge living room. (Business Week – T Rex) It’s also of some controversy, the President of Mongolia is asking to halt the auction! (USAToday – Mongolia) Where did it come from? Mongolia… is it legit? The auction house says so, but it’s like a National Treasure, isn’t it? Either way, hope I get to see it in person one day.   I dig dinosaurs. Really. Here’s some older photos from a previous visit to the Field Museum.   Photos from a visit to the LA Natural History Museum just this year.

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